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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Global Research Solution

To facilitate understanding our editing solution better, we have compiled all the questions that the students frequently inquire from us. We hope you find the answer to your query from this section. If in case you are unable to find the desired information, feel free to contact our team online. The questions are related to the Global Research Solution Company, our online solution and products, placement of orders, payment methods, discounts on additional orders, quality of the paper, revision of the content, deadlines, termination of order and refund policy exercised by the company. Following are the enlisted queries and their answers:

Q.1 What Solutions do you offer and how can they be availed?

Global Research Solution offers variety of academic and non academic Solutions that include Researching, Editing, Re-Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Formatting and Drafting. We are online solution provider and hence all the aforementioned solutions can be obtained online from our website.

Q.2 Enlist the steps of placing the orders?

To place order, go through the following steps:

  1. Get your requirements approved by the writers,
  2. Fill out an online order form and pay for the order to finalise it.
  3. Our writers work on your paper and send you drafts for preview.
  4. You provide the remarks on the previewed draft.
  5. We work on your remarks and finalise the paper for the final delivery.

Q.3 Do I have to get the approval from the writer? Can I add more pages in the order?

If your paper requires use of any software or calculations, it is advised to ask the writer first. To add more pages update your order for new requirements. For additional pages, you can either place a new order or child order under your main order.

Q.4 Do I have to pay upfront? Can I pay in instalment? If yes, what is the process of availing instalments facility?

Orders less than 200 GBP have to be paid up front. Orders higher than 200 GBP can be paid on instalments. We will determine the number of instalments and will issue an instalment code.

Q.5 I want to place additional order for an already ordered paper, what is the process for paying for the extra order?

There are two possibilities; either you fill out the additional order form and checkout or we issue you a payment link to pay through that.

Q.6 What are the payment methods at Global Research Solution?

The methods of payment are: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, E-check, Visa Card and Master Card.

Q.7 What is the order cancellation process at Global Research Solution

For the order with deadline of 24 hours, the cancellation has to be made within an hour. If the client fails to cancel on time as aforementioned and the paper is processed than the request will not be entertained. For the order with 8 to 30 days deadline, the order can be cancelled within 24 to 48 hours.

Q.8 Can you cancel an order? Will I be notified of the cancellation?

We own every lawful right to cancel order. We notify our customers prior of cancellation via email. The order may be terminated due to failure in making payment or if the writer is unable to meet the deadline.

Q.9 Do you offer any discounts on different standards of paper?

The quality of the paper differs upon choosing the level of standard and hence, the rates of the placed orders vary. Price Calculator available on the website can be used to determine the price of the required paper.

Q.10 What is the qualification or experience of writer?

The writers are from a qualified educational background possessing Masters, M. Phil, PhD, and higher degree.

Q.11 Are the orders dispatched on time? What formats are available for the document?

Yes. In very rare cases, if the order is not delivered on time we notify the client beforehand. The available formats are .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .xls.

Q.12 I received my order, but it is not according to my requirements, can I get a review? I forgot to add few more instructions, will I get free review?

If your order is not in accordance with your requirements you can ask for review as many times as you want until the satisfaction. The review will be charged if it requires adding more words.

Q.13 I posted review request but I didn’t get the review on time, will I get a full refund? I didn’t get my paper on the deadline, will I get a refund?

We ascertain that the paper is delivered on time. However, if not in any case, the client is informed and deadline difference amount is paid. It takes around 24 to 48 business hours to review and also depends upon the availability of the writer. You are updated as we receive your request.

Q.14 How do you deliver the paper?

Global Research Solution is an online solution provider. Hence, all the interactions are online.

Q.15 Do you give guarantees? What kind of guarantees do you offer?

Yes, we do offer guarantees. For more detail, please visit Guarantees page.