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How it Works

Using Global Research Solution is made easy, simple, and fun for everyone. Whether you’re a student or a professional, you can place your order on Global Research Solution with no hassle. Our process comprises of four simple steps, including filling out the quick order form, sign-up, payment of the order and paper is delivered to you on the deadline. Still confused? Read below and see how enjoyable it is to place an order on Global Research Solution

Fill out Quick Order Form

At Global Research Solution, we’ve made an online form available for all via which you can furnish the writer with the necessary details about the paper. We just ask you the following details:

  • Kind of solution you want;[Assignment, essay, dissertation]
  • Type of help you need;[Research, editing]
  • Your topic/ subject;[Business Marketing, Human Resource]
  • Required pages;[1000 words, 7 Pages]
  • Required deadline for the paper;[5 Days, 30 Days]

Besides, you may be asked to provide more details such as number of references, style of references, and attachment for the paper and so on. The purpose is to gather as much information as required to produce a quality paper.

Complete Sign–up Process

To complete the process, it is a must to sign-up on the Global Research Solution. For this, you may be asked to provide e-mail, phone number and user name, which must be unique. After the sign up process, you’ll be raised a confirmation e-mail asking for the confirmation. Once you confirm the e–mail, you will be redirected to Dashboard. Dashboard is the place, from where you can manage your orders, documents, profile, and funds. To keep the account protected, it is indispensable that log-in details are not shared with anyone.

Payment of Order

We’ve online modes to accept the payments on the Global Research Solution. We accept all types of card including Credit Card, Debit Card, Visa Card, and Master Card. If you are interested to pay through PayPal, we have a PayPal account as well. After the payment, if you are new to Global Research Solution, you may be asked to verify the payment. For this, you’ll be required to provide the requisite information. Your order is processed upon the verification. If you’re a regular student, you won’t need to verify the payment. However, in certain circumstances in which payments are made through suspicious account or due to huge amount, you may be asked to verify the payment once again.

Paper Delivered on-Time

Once your order is paid, our expert researchers start carrying out researching, writers start editing, and editor starts editing the paper to ensure that quality paper is delivered to you on the deadline. If you find any discrepancy, you can simply post a review.